Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Patacones are what we call them in Panama.  In some places (Puerto Rico for example) they call them tostones.  
Nothing brings back memories like a good plate of patacones.
Yummy grilled chicken and patacones on the beach... 
I remember saving my money to ride my bike to the KC (Knights of Columbus) in Margarita to get a hamburger and patacones.  Later I found their sancocho was the bomb and had that and patacones instead.  

We have always had problems in Arkansas finding good green platanos (plantains.)  Usually the stores have them, but they are maduros (ripe) and I despise ripe plantains.  (I know, most people love them.)  When mom moved to Puerto Rico she discovered the island secret of using green bananas, which are much cheaper in PR (and Arkansas.)  So, now I use green bananas if I can't find good platanos.  They really taste almost the same if they are very green although maybe a little silkier in texture.  They are easier to peel and cheaper. 


  • Peel plantains or green bananas.  You have to do this quickly and right before frying or they turn black.  Be careful as they will also turn your fingers black if you don't wash right away! 

Score on several sides and peel skin off

Cut into thumb sized pieces

Fry one time and drain

Put between waxed paper or brown paper and squash!

Fry again til golden

Drain and salt!


    Sarah, Three Boys said...

    Thanks so much for stopping by ! These look AMAZING! When we lived in Portland there was this awesome Cuban restaurant that served these with a beet and cilantro salad ohhhh I miss it so much:) Gonna have to follow you to see what else you are up to!!

    Panamamama said...

    Thanks, Sarah! Beet and cilantro salad... yum! My dad lived in Cuba as a kid and I adore Cuban food too. My main blog is www.panamamama.blogspot.com, and I don't post on this cooking blog like I should. Think I'm going to combine them sometime in the near future. I really like your blog and now a follower! :)

    Elena said...

    I love plaintains! I like them fried and stewed. I always thought how amazing it was that when fried, they kind of taste like potatoes.

    kellythom747 said...

    I love and miss fried plantains! these recipes are great!


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