Monday, November 16, 2009

Change in the form of chocolate?

Recipes and Ruts-
Seems we all seem to get in them, don't we?
I know I have my favorite recipe for something and don't vary from it- mainly where baking is concerned. (Honestly I'm not one to actually follow a recipe otherwise- such the rebel, eh?)

For example:


I adore chocolate, and brownies... can you get any better than one straight out of the oven with a cool glass of milk? (Chocolate chip cookies come in a close second in my book.) The ultimate comfort food.

I use two recipes for brownies normally. The "Fudge Brownie" recipe that makes a small glass square pan (so I won't eat more) from BHG's "New Cook Book" from 1989,

The old time Betty Crocker's "Cooky Book" recipe from the 1963 edition (mom uses this one.)
It makes a 9x13" glass pan so I only do that one when I know the kids will devour most of them before I do.

Last night I had a brownie craving and made the BC recipe in (gasp) my Pampered Chef jelly roll stone pan! And... I iced them! The kids were in shock this morning when I revealed them.

"But these don't look like brownies, mom."
"These are different."

Sometimes change is good I think. The pan is a third gone already!

Monday, November 9, 2009

What's in Your....?

Thought that it would be fun to see what staples you keep in your fridge, freezer, pantry, spice cabinet, baking cabinet...

Today I'll start with pantry and see what items you always keep in stock.
(Things you think are wonderful and can't go without for long, etc.)

Here is my PANTRY:
(I'm giving you a condensed list of course, but these are some things we love)

Nutella (Jac has to have his "chocolate sandwiches" for snacks daily)
Local Honey
Molasses for making yummy stuff

Muir Glen canned tomatoes and tomato sauce
(I like fresh but these are pretty durn good for canned)

Coconut Milk
(for arroz con guandules or curries)

Brown Rice
(I use DHC Japanese Germinated Brown Rice because I like the texture
but sometimes have Arkansas Brown Rice if I can find it local.)

White Rice
(I like a local brand, Par Excellence Premium Long Grain White Rice)

Herdez Salsa Verde
(This is awesome on anything, and for a quick taco/burrito/salad try it mixed with a broccoli slaw mix and lime juice and tomatoes!)

Black beans,
lentil beans of several varieties,
wheat germ

So what's in yours?


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